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Natural Hair vs Race! Can Anyone Be Natural?

Natural Hair vs Race! Can Anyone Be Natural?

Can Anyone Be Natural?

The “right” answer would be “yes”, simply because being natural means not using chemicals or treatments to alter the texture of your hair. But not everyone sees it that way. Just like White people can’t be “light-skinned”, many people believe that being natural is something that only refers to Black people.

But Of Course It’s More Complicated Than That…

When you Google “natural hair”, you can literally count on one hand the amount of people that come up per page that aren’t of color.

Before a few years ago,Black women weren’t too concerned with wearing their natural hair. It was protective styles and relaxers galore. As Black women became more educated on the damage that can come from these methods, we decided to start nurturing the hair we were born with and embrace the kinkiness, curliness and thickness that comes with being Black.

“Being natural” has come to be celebrated by the Black community as a way to embrace what makes us different and beautiful. Growing up as a Black girl, society previously taught us that the hair we’re born with isn’t “professional” enough to get us a good job and that it needs to be tamed to attract good men, get good jobs, and make White people feel more comfortable. So as time passed and wearing your natural hair has become more acceptable, little Black girls today will know that their hair doesn’t make them inferior to ANYONE.

Different Textures of Natural Hair

Soooo What’s the Verdict?

Yes, anyone of any race can wear their natural hair and consider themselves “natural”. BUT “natural” among the Black community doesn’t mean the mean the same as natural for other races. Other races aren’t ridiculed and talked badly about because of their hair texture. Other races don’t have to worry about being seen as inferior in society just because their hair is different. Correct me if I’m wrong, but being natural and being confident in doing so also isn’t something other races have had to struggle with too much either.

As a collective, wearing our natural hair is something that Black people are finally proud to do. While anyone can be natural, not everyone has struggled to do so as much as we have. For us, it’s more than just not using chemicals to “tame” our hair. It’s about having healthy hair and freedom for society’s rules.

Naturalists in Fashion


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