Naya Is Married & Big Sean May Have Moved On Too

big sean, ariana grande, movie date

Just a few short months after her break up with Rap artist Big Sean, Naya Rivera jumped the broom.  Not many people were shocked due to the fact that no one believed their relationship was genuine in the first place.

Well Big Sean doesn’t seem to be very bent out of shape.  Last night       the Rapper was spotted out on a movie date with Ariana Grande.  The couple was spotted at a theatre in Florida by a fan who tweeted, “haha 🙂 they were kissing each other all movie long behind me :p“.

tweet, ariana grande, big sean


ariana grande, big sean, movie date, maya rivera

In addition to the tweets, Big Sean recently posted a photo with Ariana’s dog to Instagram. The two have been spending plenty of time together in the studio. Big Sean is said to be featured on Grande’s upcoming single, ‘Beautiful mistake’.  Sounds like the perfect break up record, no?


The tweeting fan who broke the news about the celebrity couple, woke up this morning to 205 retweets, and backlash for his lack of discretion.  He tweeted,

Woah wtf? Woke up with 205 retweets! All cuz I said they were kissing? Im not into celebrity rumors y the hell wud i lie. I don’t give 2 sh-ts about celebrity news, and I don’t give 2 sh-ts if u believe or not“.

In an age of social media communication, can anyone really blame him for the tweet?  In any case we think Ariana, and Big Sean would make a great couple, and we wish them all the best.



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