Artist Uses NBA Ballers For The Covers Of Classic Hip Hop Albums

I think everybody has their own unique style.” ~ Carmelo Anthony

And “unique” might be the best word to describe this creation…

When you think of 50 Cent, Tupac, Biggie, and Nas – you think of rappers who have invaded your iTunes playlist, iPods, songs played in the clubs, house parties or whatever scenery filled with their music. You also think about their impact on music along with classic albums to add.

Iconic to hip hop culture and in the eyes of their own fans, what happens when you trade in their memorable album covers for NBA ballers?

Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry were just a handful of ballers that were used for this make over.

The covers are based off 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’,” Nas’ “Illmatic,” the Notorious B.I.G’s “Ready To Die,” Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me,” and more.

Jesse Nunez, a New Jeresey based artist, is responsible for these recreations and they aren’t too bad. Check them out below:


Carmelo Anthony, “Get A Ring Or Die Tryin'”



Derrick Rose “All Eyez On Me”


Stephen Curry, “Automatic”


Kobe Bryant “Ready To Retire”

Now Nunez  didn’t just stop with the above mentioned. Others include James Harden, Dwayne Wade, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and others. Overall, the collection of covers caps off at 10 recognizable album covers in hip-hop.

For more on Nunez and his vignette art, click here.

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