Need A Raincoat Fellas? 3 Waterproof Jackets To Head Into Spring

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Okay, so let’s cut to the chase. Raincoats aren’t always popping like that for many men. Some of us don’t think twice about them really when facing mother nature. When we see rain, we may think to ourselves to just pop on a jacket and keep it moving with an umbrella.

However, certain materials can soak up the earths elements to the point where we either need to wash our jackets or send those bad boys to a dry cleaner.

No less, how do we shop for raincoats? What styles would have a better look than the conventional track-looking jackets that don’t always have a nice appeal?

Here are a few tips to consider when prepping for rainy weather and rocking a coat:

  • Where a suit a jacket when shopping for one. This allows you to figure out how will layer up on you so that way you can minimize less bulk and have less surprises
  • Find out the components of the jacket. Is it cotton or water resistant? Look, just cause you’ve got heavier jackets for winter doesn’t mean you need to sport them during the rain. Plus, spring is approaching so be mindful of the material
  • We all know our local meteorologist can be wrong than a motha when it comes to navigating the weather. They could tell us “it’s a good chance for clouds today” and then you walk outside and be like, “Gee, so it’s like really hot right now.” So if you watch the news and discover it may be cloudy, just be prepared.
  • Comfort and style only. A raincoat isn’t made for you to stay hotter than a pop tart on those commercials. We’re moving forward into spring, not winter-esha. Find something that won’t keep you reaching to make a paper fan

Check out five great jackets that are worth the investment:10950617_4571180_1000

  • Stutterheim Stockholm Jacket: This basic black jacket symbolizes the typical rain jacket. It does have a conventional look, but it works for what’s needed and won’t keep you hot. This will run about $368 dollars and can be found on




  • Banana Republic Quilted Jacket: This is a keeper still in the basic black family. It has a standing collar with full zip linage and four pockets. It gives a classic look, but still stylish. Machine washable, this jacket runs about $174 dollars at

The classic Burberry trench, redefined in black, with a tailored contemporary cut and a cropped silhouette, is something that will flatter any body type and complement every single thing in your wardrobe. It's also got a treated polyester-polyamide shell ensures, which ensures this thing will never leak.<br /><br /><br /><br /> Mid-length trench coat ($763.27) by Burberry Brit,<br /><br /><br /><br />

  • Burberry Brit Mid Length Trench Jacket: Okay, so this one may be a little pricey for some given its $764 price tag but this jacket is awesome. Not only does it compliment most body types, it has a tailored cut and cropped silhouette adding some sophistication when you step outside. Peep this bad a** jacket at

Now you know we always want to prep you all around. If a jacket isn’t what you need and more accessories such as great umbrella, try or even Here’s why— those cheap, ten dollar umbrellas at a local store don’t hold up well in high winds. You’ll find yourself asking, “Lawd why, just why” when you don’t have to.

stay dry gustbuster

Durable fibers and an extra blade are more efficient when it comes to choosing a qualified umbrella. Quality umbrella’s are great investment for the long term.

Remember, don’t count out a Macy’s, Topman or even H&M if you want to conserve your coins when it comes to raincoats. Also, double breasted topcoats or even insulated vests are an okay option as well. Overall, your package of rain wear is just as imperative as it is for winter.

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