New Collab: Calvin Klein X Open Ceremony

2015 has truly been the year of collaboration, I am not quite sure yet if this is just a trend. Or if collaboration between brands is just the new wave of doing business. While brand collaboration might be trendy for the moment in the biz world, it is a smart one. With millennials and the generation behind them making more buying decisions it is important that brands are able to reintroduce themselves to a whole new customer. Luckily, as an 80’s kid I still remember seeing the scantily-clad and sexually dripping-wet billboard campaigns used to advertise for Calvin Klein underwear and  jeans.

ck mensCalvin Klein is synonymous to most people in their 20’s  and older with sexy underwear. There is a certain luxury-feeling about CK underwear that has followed them into 2015. Now it is time to translate that image and message onto a new generation. The collaboration with Open Ceremony is the first of it’s kind for Calvin Klein. Yet, Open Ceremony is the perfect retailer to maintain the luxurious and sexy reputation of Calvin Klein.

 A look from Calvin Klein and Opening Ceremony's limited edition

The collaboration is purely centered around a Calvin Klein favorite, underwear. With a focus on briefs and T’s for the lads, bras and panties for the ladies. Most items within the limited edition collection are priced between $35 to $45. I highly suggest you grab yourself a piece of sexy fashion history.


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