New “Fantastic Four” Trailer!

The Marvel line-up is looking extremely epic this year! Seems like they are trying to take over for the 99′ and the 2000 (except it’s 2015). Marvel just released their new trailer for their upcoming film.

The Fantastic Four is making a come back as Marvel will reboot the film series with a brand new and younger cast. The new cast will feature Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, and Kata Mara. The trailer dropped this morning after pictures from the set were released yesterday.

Although, we can’t really puzzle together what the plot is for the movie (besides chaotic explosions and scientific stuff are definitely a part of it) being that no actual dialogue from the movie, but we don’t expect anything short of dope-ness from the Marvel team. The new cast line-up alone gets me excited to see the film come back to the big screen.

You can check out the trailer here at Kontrol below and we also found another trailer for the movie as well. This trailer comes from Yahoo exclusive look at the upcoming film with commentary. You can check it out at and let us know how you feel about the Fantastic Four reboot. The movie hits theaters August 7th.

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