New Kids on the Block Challenge To Boy Bands!

Although boy bands have become a little scarce over the years it looks like some former bands are not trying to let the dream go. (No, shade)

In 80’s New Kids on the Block ran the world and now they are back to reclaim their throne.

“As far as boy bands, you know, we dance, we perform. I mean, I hate to sound like an old fogey, but these kids don’t know what they’re missing nowadays because we got to sing and dance for our supper, you know what I mean, and we love to do that,” says member Joey McIntyre, 42, at Madison Square Garden in New York City.



Wahlberg then continues, “I would rather have the credibility of thousands of fans and have them be happy. That’s what we’ve learned and that’s why we’re still here.” He follows, “We keep it alive because it stays alive between us and our fans. It’s a real relationship now.”

Talk about maturing into men!

“It’s always nice to go out onstage and know there might be some people out there that haven’t seen what you do, so you’re engaging with them. It keeps it fresh for you,” McIntyre said. “It just adds to the juice of the night, and we’re
ready to do that.”

Written By: Sebastien “The Gay Bestie” Gaudin


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