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Talk about a glass of fine wine on a tray of cheap shots. Tank is steaming up the scene with When We, the piping hot single preceding his eighth solo album, soon to follow. With a sensual tempo, yet aggressive in tone, Tank accurately affirms on the track that he is “not playing fair”. Where is the lie?

Proceed with caution as the whimsical flow of the melody threatens to seduce you right out of your undies. This is rhythm and blues ladies and gentlemen, and it is yet alive.

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Known to finesse an R&B track, Tank does not disappoint. The music is provocative; the lyrics, sexy and assertive. Tank’s vocals are intoxicating; both savory and sweet, blending seamlessly into the rhythmic vibe.

But the implication of romance is deceptive. This ain’t tender love making, this man is singing about the kind of session that involves a little more uh…intensity, if you catch my drift.

When We is a solid effort from Tank, worthy of rotation on your date night playlist. It is currently available for streaming, and for sale everywhere that music is purchased.

Now listen, “baby making music” is a thing. So, if this single serves as an accurate indication of what we can expect from the full project, then please be advised that Tank will not be assuming

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responsibility for any of your resulting offspring. With that in mind, have fun and be wise–but first,

press play.

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