New Music: Trent Crews Releases “White Girls” Mixtape


After taking a year hiatus from music R&B artist Trent Crews has resurfaced on the scene with a new mixtape in tow titled White Girls.

Trent Crews
Trent Crews Instagram

Trent describes his inspiration for “White Girls”:

Through the years I’ve been told over and over again all the reason why I’d never be successful as a recording artist; “You’re too gay, too pop, not black enough, you sing like a white girl…” After some time away I returned to recording with a stronger sense of self and the courage to BE myself even in the face of adversity. Love it or hate it, I make no apologies. THIS IS ME.

Not one known for being boisterous from the start, Trent grew up stuttering and stammering and having a lisp. However, he didn’t allow his debilitation to control his dream of becoming a recording artist.

Trent Crews
Trent Crews Instagram

After arriving in New York to pursue his dream with barely enough money to buy a meal Trent suffered homelessness, hardships, and heartbreak. Record labels turned him down but Trent kept on pushing forward and has released 2 independent EPs, dropped 10 self-produced and self-financed music videos. He’s the true definition of the saying, “If you make it in New York you can make it anywhere”.

Trent’s mixtape includes all covers of famous white women singers such as Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears mixed in with popular Hip Hop lines from artist such as Drake. The mash-up is quite unique and revives past chart-topping hits.

His first EP off of White Girls is “Into You”

Trent’s mixtape is available Now on Soundcloud, download it here:

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