Caught Red Handed! New Orleans Saints’ Damian Swann Caught Cheating On Zonnique

Zonnique Pullins
Zonnique Pullins and Damian Swann pose for a photo.

Just when everyone believed Zonnique Pullins found prince charming, prince charming falls miserably from grace. After a year of dating, New Orleans Saints’ Damian Swann was caught cheating on Zonnique with a young lady from Houston.

TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet __________________________________________ #Roommates, you know that #Tiny's daughter #Zonnique began dating #Saints defensive back #DamianSwann well over a year ago after knowing each other since high school. They both have been open about their relationship on social media, but it appears that this hasn't helped Damian remain as faithful as possible. __________________________________________ A fellow Roommate sent us some receipts proving that Damian is cheating on Zonnique with a young lady from Houston. According to our Roommate, they've been seeing each other since Allstar Weekend in New Orleans this year and Damian has even flown her down to his home in Louisiana! You can clearly see that he's in the driver's seat in the clip. __________________________________________ Our Roommate just wants Damian to–(Read more at TheShadeRoom.Com!)

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The Proof Is In The Receipts

Men and women lie but text messages don’t. In a video posted by The Shade Room, Damian is seen cruising along with a young lady other than Zonnique. The following clips show a string of text message between Damian and the young lady. According to The Shade Room, the two met at the NBA Allstar Weekend in New Orleans. Apparently, Damian was so smitten by the unidentified woman that he flew her out to see him in New Orleans. In the messages, it is clear, Damian and the young lady are more than just friends.

What makes the situation even worse is Zonnique’s mother, Tameka “Tiny” Harris affection for the cornerback. In an interview with Essence Tiny said,

 “I really like her boyfriend, so I be trying to give him a chance. You dated him in the beginning and then she was a little young and he liked you! You was in the 9th grade but he was like the big football star in the school. You know he’s got all these girls trying to throw it at him and she wasn’t on that. She wasn’t doing that. So she was just a little too slow for his speed so she had to let him…I’m sorry. But she had to let him go because you weren’t moving that fast.”

Zonnique’s Deleted Instagram Photos

Sadly, it seems Zonnique has to let Damian go again, but this time for good! It is unclear whether or not the two have parted ways. Judging from Zonnique’s Instagram love don’t live here anymore. Recently, Zonnique removed every picture of what use to be fairy tale romance. Do you think the couple can work through this? Let us know what you think below.


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