New Release: Vindictive by Shemeka Mitchell #KontrolReads

A successful career woman, Kat is tired of coming home to an empty house. After a very public and painful humiliation by Eric, a co-worker who has been the object of her desire for the past two years, she re-evaluates herself. Is it possible she’s been pursuing a relationship with the wrong sex? Eric regrets what happened with Kat. He didn’t mean for things to go that far. In actuality, he is attracted to her and wonders what it would be like to have her as his woman. He decides it’s time to make his move. Angela is a no-nonsense boss who runs a tight ship. Aware of the office pool regarding what man would sample her goods first, she secretly laughs. She has no patience or desire to be with any of them. She prefers women. And she has her sights on Kat. Seeing Eric attempting to get close to Kat, she makes moves of her own. She introduces her subordinate to a different world–one filled with kisses, hugs, love, and multiple orgasms. Kat has a decision to make. Does Eric really want to be with her? Does she really want to spend her life with Angela and commit to being a
lesbian? Vindictive is the story of an office three-way love affair that goes wrong.


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Author of 13 novels as seen in Vibe Vixen, Essence, Uptown, and on BET and Centric .

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