New Sensation “The Sangersroom” and The Death of Open Mic As We Know It


           For decades the “Open Mic” be it the world renowned Village Underground in New York, or the infamous Apache Café in Atlanta, or numerous places like it around the country, have been the breeding ground for some of the music industry’s most phenomenal talent. As time and the world have become more innovative and more social media driven many have become disenchanted with the traditional setting. A recent phenomenon called The Sangersroom has captured the attention of

not only the nations elite Independent Artists but national recording artists such as Keke Wyatt and Le’Andria Johnson of BET’s Sunday Best.

The SangersRoom was created by Deanna Dixon and Mitch Moffett early November 2013 after their lack of enthusiasm regarding the Atlanta Open Mic scenes. They decided to create something different that could bring some of the most skilled vocalists all under one roof, sharing in their gifts through campfire style sing-a-longs. This vision was fueled mostly from their love for impromptu singing sessions with their closest friends in the city. They figured, if they could bring all of these vocalists together under one roof, the response and attention could be massive. As they imagined, this concept has taken on a life of its own, and attracted some of the best singers to the SangersRoom. The purpose behind this concept was not only to unite artist together, but also to cross-market talent through social media. Using instagram, facebook, twitter, and Youtube as a platform to showcase these electric sessions have proven to be game-changing. As they continue to develop this movement, their ultimate plan is to use the SangersRoom as a platform to market the hottest talent and create a networking vehicle to open doors that might’ve taken years to cross through without the SangersRoom as their driving force.


      With a now national following, Sangersroom events are now cropping up all over the country. Their most recent event outside of Atlanta was in Mississippi, with many more to come. The home base for this phenomenal outlet for talent is Atlanta, GA. If you are a fan of amazing SANGing or happen to be a vocalist yourself, be sure to follow them on Instagram @theSangersroom to see where you can catch this incredible entertainment experience.

By Tyson Isaiah