New Video: Elle Varner Says F*ck It All

Claiming Elle Varner ran out of all f*cks in her latest video is an understatement. Before going on vacation with her boyfriend, she finds out he’s cheating by reading a text on his phone. She attempts to fight her hurt and anger while vacationing but all that comes to a head the next morning when they wake up and he’s snuck outside to talk on his phone.

Elle Varner-Fuck it all

This talented songtress just changed the game for herself. She’s always been viewed as “adorable” but this just catapulted her into the category with her R&B counterparts. The melodic tune of heartbreak is reminiscent of something the late Amy Winehouse would put out.

Even K. Michelle had to give props where due.  Despite the very public rift between the two, K. still seems to support her as an artists.  She posted a warm response to the video on Instagram.

“We may fuss and fight, but in the end I truly love her and wish her well. This girl is talented and This video is fucking amaze balls. Go check it out today. #Salute #love @ellevarner

No one can deny Elle has a banger on her hands!


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