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New Year, New You Resolution

New Year, New You Resolution

Your New Year, New You Resolution is on once again. Oh it’s not about to be like last year. By the end of 2017 you had your mind made up, 2018 was going to be way different. He got to go, you’re not messing with her anymore, and you refuse to still be on the same job. You’re ready this time the only things is that’s the same thing you said last year.

The truth is humans are creatures of habit, and old habits are the hardest to break. Think about it last year you started off strong too. The first couple of weeks nobody could tell you nothing. By the end of the first month he was back, she was your girl all over again, and that job wasn’t that bad. And just like that, before you knew it, your New Year, New You Resolution was out the window.

Now I’m not about to pretend that change is easy, but it’s worth it. Staying where you are will ultimately leave you with regret and misery. The New Year, New You Resolution may mean you will lose some friends, family members, and maybe even a mate, but what you gain will make you forget the loss. The thing you’re going to have to remember is to trust the process. And believe me that’s easier said than done.

As you enter into 2018 think about all the times you quit your New Year, New You Resolution, and how you felt after. This year stick to it. I don’t care if it’s working out, trying something new, meeting new people, or starting that new business, commit yourself to it. You might have to do a mental, physical, and emotional detox, but whatever it takes do it. Let this be your Year for real this time.


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