Nicki Minaj & Safaree split; “Busted Windows” the cause?

Nicki Minaj apparently lives up to her Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape single, “I Get Crazy”. Well now we seem to know the reason why Safaree has covered up his tattoos of the head Barb.

“During the summer, Nicki and Safaree Samuels got into an argument, TMZ reports. “She started screaming, he got pissed, and she EXPLODED in anger, grabbing a bat and chasing him out of the house. She wisely chose property over person, and pulverized the 2012 Benz.”

According to a source in law enforcement, the site also reports that police were called, but no arrests were made. Safaree was asked to leave the property, and Nicki escaped charges because the Benz in question belonged to her.



This is not the first time the two have been reported to get into an all out brawl. There were reports that Safaree hit Nicki in the face before in their hotel room. Nicki denied those rumors on Twitter, “you think a man would punch or slap me and still have his balls?” Well then.

Nicki released a single just a week ago, “Only” in which she says she’s never slept with Drake or Wayne but, the two YMCMB rappers say that if given the chance, it would definitely go down. Drake raps that Nicki has a man but if that should ever change, he’s the first in line. Hmm… Well Safaree responded to trolls on Twitter, saying “you do know I was there when ‘only’ was recorded and received right?? The song is new to ya’ll not to me. Give it a rest people” At least he’s secure with himself. Nicki doesn’t seem to be though, sigh. I hope they fix it, I like them together and they were just wearing wedding rings last summer on vacation! Fix it Jesus.



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