Nicki Minaj Has A Few Choice Words For Safaree Samuels

Hmmm, this ain’t over from the looks of it…or is it?

Nicki Minaj and her ex-bae Safaree Samuels made headlines this week for being more public with their new rumored boos.

Minaj already got a head start when rumors started that she and Philly rapper Meek Mill had a little something going on.

However, after a song collaboration, playing coy during interviews and teaser type pics, Minaj still hasn’t confirmed nor denied if she’s moved on with Mill.

When it comes to Samuels, well…let’s just say that he and his “Girl, you look like Rihanna” alleged boo Candice Brook, “appears” to be “moving on” like Mya and Silkk the Shocker from 1998.

Ohhh but just wait…

According to reports, Minaj may still have a few leftover feelings for her former fiancé.

After Samuels and Brook became a target in the media as a rumored “Oh,we just talking right now” couple, Minaj had a few choice words of her own.

The Grammy-nominated rapper took to Instagram and stated:

You can’t find happiness with bitterness, hate and unforgiveness in your heart. You owe it to yourself to find real peace. Why do ppl feel they have to be “ok” all the time? Its ok to NOT be ok. You’re human. I hate seeing people be tormented and on the verge of going crazy because of their pride and their ego and because they made a bed they never thought they’d have to lay in. If you were on your death bed tomorrow, none of the ppl you do all this fronting for would be there.

She added:

You can’t try to hurt a person who’s heart is right and who showed you the meaning of loyalty. Its better that you do some soul searching and live in GRATITUDE. Realize how blessed you were and learn from your mistakes. Sometimes the more you do for ppl, the more they think they’re entitled to! Just fall back and ask God to show them the truth. Once you have forgiven and learned how to find true peace, the most you can do is wish the next person well and pray that they too will find the same thing.

She concluded:

I’m hoping that 2015 will be a year we choose real happiness over the fake made up stuff we think people want to see. Every night, the lights and cameras stop flashing and there you are. It’s just YOU. Laying there. Facing the music. Cherish these nights. Cherish these ppl. Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel. And if you didn’t cherish them in time, own that. Hope you feel better.

Is it okay to use one of those, “Baby, if you in yo’ feelings then it’s okay.” No? Okay, moving on…

Reportedly, Samuels took to his IG page singing the chorus to Chris Brown’s dramatic ballad, “Don’t Judge Me.”

Now while that may have had a little subliminal meaning due to it’s timing, it could also serve a little smoke and mirrors.

Minaj did state during an interview with Angie Martinez that:

Every single thing that my relationship was based off of was love. And there still is nothing but love there.

There’s a quote that says, “Until you learn how to say goodbye, your heart will still seek a resolution from a situation that may never re-acclimate itself to your interests.”

Nothing but the best from these two. It ain’t always easy letting go of promises built on strong ideals to  seek out something new with exploratory expectations that may falter.

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