A Million Dollars For A Choker! Nicki Did It.

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The 2017 Video Music Awards aired Sunday night and the celebs stepped out. Even though they celebs were there, what they wore on the red carpet had a shook. There was one in particular, the queen, Nicki Minaj. www.tumblr.com

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It is nothing new to see Nicki slaying her red carpet looks. She has always flaunted the latest designers and brands as well as flashy jewelry. However, Sunday night she may have just spent the coins for a house on her diamond choker. Www.popsugar.com

(Photo from: Pop Sugar)

Minaj posted a picture via Instagram saying, “This choker costs 1 Million Dollars. If I lose it, will you return it to me?” So, what she saying is she splurged on a 1 Million Dollar choker to wear to the VMAs. Okay Nicki, we see why they call you the queen. The million dollar choker was from Djula Jewelry as well as some of her rings. Www.bravotv.com

(Photo from: Bravo TV)

Nicki also wore several other diamond accessories made by Harry Kotlar. Nicki had over million dollars of jewelry on with her pink latex catsuit by Vex Clothing. Matched with multi – colored Christian Louboutin’s. Minaj has still been getting styled by her new stylist Maher Jridi. He has taken Nicki from Barbie to Barbie 4.0.

(Photo from: Mirror UK)

Nicki has changed her hair styles from black, to blonde, to pink and blonde. Her fashion sense has been tingling  and her price range has widened. Nicki did nothing less than slay at the VMAs.

Nicki performed the hit single “Swish Swish” with Katy Perry. Where she wore a diamond covered whistle, to match her referee outfit. I wonder how much that must have cost her? http://gossiponthis.com/2017/08/28/video-watch-katy-perry-nicki-minaj-swish-swish-mtv-vmas-awards-performance/

(Photo from: GossipOnThis)

However, you I have to the question right? Would you splurge on a million dollar choker? Even if you had the money, would you do it? I say if you got it SPURLGE, you only live once!


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