Nicki Minaj denied access to speak at former high school by principal

Nicki Minaj has her harp out on Twitter regarding a personal injustice she feels was done to her.  Her heart was set on returning to her former performing arts high school, Manhattan LaGuardia, to speak with students and inspire them.  That idea was  short-lived because the principal denied her request.


This subject has turned explosive!  It’s brought up the need to establish the vast difference between being  successful versus a positive role model.

Nicki @ MTV's 2014 VMAs
Nicki @ MTV’s 2014 VMAs

Yes, Nicki has become a successful business woman and artist.  She has movies, endorsements and shows under her belt. Not to mention the fact she’s extremely relevant to pop culture and teenagers eat everything she does up!   Nonetheless, does that equate to being able to stand up before thousands of impressionable students in an educational institution?

The principal had to make a decision based on many different aspects, not just the excitement of a “big name.”  What about the parents reactions?  Or the Board of Directors?  Better yet, what about the donors reactions?

Would the teenagers (and 75% of the staff) have loved it? ABSOLUTELY!  Would she have toned it down and spoke to them in a way they could relate to? ABSOLUTELY!  Would it have been worth the scrutiny, negative reactions, and possible job loss?  That was to be determined by the principal and she chose what she thought was best.

Kudos to Nicki for her giving back spirit though.  I know this had to sting a little because it was coming from a good place. I’m sure she’ll find a way to make it happen regardless.  There are always after school programs, etc. that will gladly jump at the notion.

Do you think the principal’s decision was right or wrong?  Weigh in below!

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