Nicki Minaj to be featured on a Queen Bey Remix??

by Samantha Denäe


The talk of this week has been of nothing but the Hip-Hop Queen her Nicki Minaj. With startling the world with the visual for her upcoming single Anaconda Nick had all the boys going CRAZY! The single was supposed to drop this past Monday, but Nicki pushed it back to August 4th but no one knew why stating on social media that “we will understand before the week is out.”


Well it looks as though we may just have the answer! According to reports by HipHopWired,  a source in the music industry states that the single was pushed back because Beyonce is about to release a remix to “Flawless” featuring Nicki and Nicki did not want the excitement of her new single to get lost with what I’m sure will be excitement for Beyonce’s remix.


Also being reported by MissInfo, the remix could feature Queen Bey rapping and not singing on the track. If rumors are true, this could be a SMASH! Two Queens, one song that is already a hit on its own could shake up the game!

Could you just imagine the video for the song? OMG! Major!!!

We’ll keep you updated as details become available!

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