NICKI MINAJ: Less Is SO Much More!

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Yesterday Nicki Minaj debuted the official video for her single Pills N Potions. To no surprise it has already reached over 1 million views. The abstract video features former G-Unit member, Rapper The Game, and with simple and sensual frames, Nicki continues to remind us why she is underrated. The elusive images, combined with the melodic tone of the song have left some fans and critics confused as to what exactly Nicki was aiming to achieve. The video is clearly a representation of a distorted, yet unfaltering love. As Nicki sings, “I still love, I still love, I still love, I still lo-o-ove”, alongside The Game in minimalist style make-up and wardrobe, she re-enacts the emotional distance that often grows in a strained relationship.


Pills N Potions proves, less is truly more ladies! How amazing does Nicki look with Black hair, and a simple face? The “new” old Nicki is such a refreshing sight to see, from her natural hair, and her recent style choices. With less attention on her overly colorful attire, crazy faces, and personalities, we all can focus on what she is really here for, MUSIC!

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It is no secret that many “day 1 fans” have felt that Nicki’s lyrical genius has been watered down and distorted in the past, in an effort to please the masses. Luckily for us, it seems Nicki has come to her senses, and is getting back to her roots. At this rate it should be a very cold summer!


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