NickI Minaj Visits August Alsina In The Hospital

Is there more going on with August Alsina than we know?

It’s been over a week since the 22-year-old singer collapsed and fell off stage during a concert, and he is still in the hospital.

Although there hasn’t been many updates since he woke up from a 3-day coma earlier this week, his hospital room has seen a revolving door of supporters and celebrities stop by, including Nicki Minaj.

Nicki shared a photo from her visit with her fans recently, while quoting a lyric from their recent collaboration “No Love”:

August, u know, I’m here to save u. still praying for my lil bro. He’s doingbetter.

August also took to Instagram to post a pic with Nicki, writing:

“Aug, u know I’m here to save you.” She has to be the sweetest girl I know. #ASisterThatPrays

Judging from the length of time he was in ICU, August’s condition seemed to have been way more serious than what was originally reported in the media. According to various sources, he was suffering from exhaustion and dehydration when he collapsed, and he experienced multiple seizures once he reached the hospital. A few fans also mentioned that they overheard him saying that he hadn’t eaten all day during a promo stop, and K. Michelle revealed yesterday in an interview that she spoke with him the day before and he kept mentioning how tired he was:

I talked to him the day before [was taken to the hospital], and he said to me, “I am so tired! I am beat!’ And I said to him, ‘August this is what you’ve been wanting. You gotta fight through it, you are gonna be fine.  I thought when he said tired — you know we all work through it–he was just tired. But I didn’t know he meant that he was [literally] TIRED.

You definitely have to take care of yourself in this industry, while making sure you don’t run your body into the ground while trying to pursue your goals and dreams. I for one can agree with that. Seeing how i wen through something similar a few years ago.

Well we hope that his team is really helping him out and we hope he gets well soon!!





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