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Word on the street is that Nicki Minaj is about to drop her highly anticipated single for her upcoming third album. No word yet on the title of the track, but it’s said to be a treat for her listeners. After recently tapping back into her mixtapes days the former self-proclaimed “mistress” is coming with the heat.



Believe it or not there was once a time before Nicki was referred to as a gimmick. Recently, the raptress has returned to her roots as far as her image, but her sound is what we are all looking for. Her highest selling album to date, “Pink Friday” has went multi-platinum worldwide, which seems to be what the fans are asking for.


As her single gets ready to drop all eyes are peeled and all ears are wide-open set to get a dose of the “New Nicki”. One can’t help, but wonder if the “New Nicki” will be anything like another replica of the “Old Lil Km” from the past. They do say, “Imitation is the best form a flattery.”


No shade just honesty! As a Nicki appreciater (not a real word) there is no feeling like hearing her go in, on a track and have you stunned from her lyrical flow. For example, tracks like Ciara’s “I’m Out” has her sound like the rap heavy weight that she is. Aside from the previous costumes, tricks, and Lil Kim comparisons Nicki is a credible artist. Most importantly she needs to stick beside her craft.


We’ll have you filled in along the way!

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