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Nicole Scherzinger shows us her sexy feline phsyique!

The former lead singer of Pussy Cat Dolls shows the world that she has more than 9 lives and her claws are out. Her oh so sexy toned body was spotted on a yacht vacationing in a favorite celebrity hang out. St. Barths is known for its majestic waters, sandy beaches, and towering landscapes that will leave you breathless. St. Barths is the playground for the rich and famous who enjoy relaxing in the lap of luxury. It has also served as a great back drop for classic Victoria’s Secret photo shoots.  Many other famous faces has been spotted on this island such as Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Puff Daddy, and many more.


This pop singer is known for her killer dance moves and mesmerizing eyes that can leave you in a trance. Not only will her eyes leave you a rapture, so will her curvy yet soild bod. Nicole was aboard a fancy boat with friends to soak up the dazzling sun. From the looks of it, the UV Rays does wonders for her skin! Not to mention, she was dressed very simply in a black bathing suit. Her beach wear aligns with some of this season’s trends such as prints and loud colors. Her makeup was natural but proved to be quite successful with a pretty pink pout. With the addition of her care free wavy hair, her overall look exudes sexy yet a simply yacht look in the summer.


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