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Atlanta’s Very Own Nikki Nicole Is Ready To Make Her Way To The Big Screen

Atlanta’s Very Own Nikki Nicole Is Ready To Make Her Way To The Big Screen

Nikki Nicole
Photographer-Blair Devereaux

Vivacious, witty, and nothing short of the word ambitious, Nikki Nicole, is the guru of media, and some might even say a “sexpert”. Mother, radio personality, TV host, producer, writer, and actress, Nikki is Wonder Woman without the cape.

Nikki made her claim to fame by writing music and catching the attention of Brian Casey of Jagged Edge. Brian put Nikki’s talent to the test and enlisted her to DJ Jagged Edge’s Heart Tour.

“Brian helped me to know that I could do it. It’s one thing to say, okay I want to be a rapper, but it’s another thing to get in that crowd and actually do something. He helped build my confidence. That was my first, first experience.  It was terrifying, but when the show was over, I felt ten times more confident.”

As her name gained buzz around Atlanta, Nikki connected with rapper Big Duke of Boyz N Da Hood. Big Duke introduced her to one of the biggest names in R&B, Mr. Brian-Michael Cox. From there, she began her music career as a rapper in a girl group, working with the likes of Akon. She went on to write for Baby Doll, of the female group, OMG. After making the hard realization that rap just didn’t cut it, she made her way to the TV screen on the Atlanta based talk show 411.

Nikki Nicole
Photographer-Blair Devereaux

Kandi Koated Nights

At the mere age of 19, Nikki met Atlanta Housewife and Xscape member, Kandi Burruss. Nikki credits Kandi’s encouragement and unconditional support to the trajectory of her career.

“Kandi Burruss has been very instrumental in my career. She was the first person to tell me that I should be a comedienne, she would always laugh at the things I would say. . .she supported my rap career by providing me with dope hooks. I truly love Kandi!  Kandi is definitely a major part of my journey.”

Nikki and Kandi’s candid conversations about sex on Ustream would sow the seed to one of the most talked about radio and television segments, Kandi Koated Nights.

Kandi Koated Nights helped Nikki to find her way back to the big stage and onto airways. With the help of friend and comedian, Reggie Jackson, Nikki’s latest radio venture, Two Twisted Sistas, a platform for two charismatic women to share their brilliance with the world, blossomed.

Kandi Koated Nights took Nikki back to where it all started, and in front of thousands of adoring fans. Soon after meeting on the set of Kandi Koated Nights, R&B powerhouse Lyfe Jennings invited the hilarious lady to join him on tour.

 “He came on Kandi Koated Nights and I made him laugh the whole show. He couldn’t believe it. The chemistry we had was awesome. He thought I was a comedienne. I’m not a comedienne. I’m just funny. He said, “I want you to host my tour.” I promise you, I was going to come up with an excuse because I was scared. At the time, my mother, who is my number one cheerleader, and a couple of friends told me to go out there and do it. I went out there and I did it. Toward the end of the tour, I felt very confident in my position as a host.”
Nikki Nicole
Photographer-Blair Devereaux

 A Jack-Of-All-Trades

Similar to Tiffany Haddish in the film Girls Trip, Nikki is the comedic relief every good film needs. She’s funny, outgoing, and down for whatever. With the motivation from her mentor, Pastor Cheryl, she decided to attend her first acting class.

 “I think people limit themselves. I think that God gives us so many different talents and each talent you cultivate can help you with everything you do. Rap has helped me with radio and going on stage. Everything I’ve done has come together and helped me with each talent. Don’t limit yourself. You never know how many talents you have until you try new things.”

 Clearly, Nikki is doing a great job at utilizing her God given talents. With Atlanta on the verge of surpassing Hollywood, it’s only right the media maven test her chops in acting. In her latest project, The Rookie and The Rat, Nikki stars alongside  Teresa “Topnotch” Nelson. The female versions of Craig and Smokey, the hilarious duo shows viewers the misadventures of smoking weed while on the job.

“I found out that the same feeling I get from music, which is a therapeutic feeling, I got the same feeling from acting and I love it. If you’re stressed out or feeling a certain way, you can put all that energy into a character and release it. I really fell in love with it. Honestly, acting is the number one thing I would like to do.”

 Insta-famous, a film starring Nikki, Topnotch, and Daron of the R&B group 112, is slated to release soon. It’s clear from her love of acting and ambition, Nikki has no intentions of slowing down.

“My dream role would be a comedic role because that’s who I am, but I would also like to show people a different side of me. I would love to play an action cop and whoop some ass and knock down doors.”
Nikki Nicole
Photographer-Blair Devereaux

 Let’s Talk About Sex

 Kandi Burruss, Nikki Nicole, and DJ A-One’s chemistry on camera is undeniable. Together the trio make sex a worthwhile, steamy conversation. I would be remised not to pick the sex expert’s brain on tips and tricks in the bedroom. Nikki was so kind enough to share with the readers of Kontrol advice on how to drive a man insane. Don’t worry ladies! You can thank us later.

 What’s a move you use to spice it up in the bedroom?

It’s a technique I actually learned from Kandi. Her aunt actually told her about it. It’s called Sugar Lips. You wet your finger with water then add a little sugar. You put your finger in your vagina and let it sit for five minutes.

It’s going to create a gooey warm texture on the inside. This is only if you and your partner have been tested. This isn’t for everybody. This is for the husband, fiancé, or the boyfriend you’ve been with for years. What it does is create a gripping mechanism. You’re able to grip it. It’s warm and hot and they don’t know what’s going on.  I’ve done it and I like it. If he goes down before intercourse, it’s definitely a little treat!

Are you a fan of toys in the bedroom and what is your favorite sex toy?

Well, I’m a fan of toys by myself (laughs). I haven’t really met a partner that wants to use toys. They want to be the main attraction and I give them that. When I’m by myself I usually have the most fun.

What’s your favorite sex toy?

It would have to be the Bullet. Straight to the point¾boom out!

What sex toy do you suggest for beginners?

I would suggest the Bullet, I mean who wants this big ol’ ding dong. . .I think that would drive them crazy. I think we’ll start kindergarten with the Bullet. You can kind of explore yourself. I really think it is important for women to know what they like. Explore your own body before you expect a man to please you the way you want to be pleased.

For women who necessarily don’t like engaging in oral sex, what suggestions would you give to make it more enjoyable?

It’s important to please your partner, as long as it’s not something out of your morals. Add flavor to it! Like grapefruit. That’s going to add flavor to it. Even if you add a little sugar to the grapefruit to make it sweeter. Whether you like chocolate or honey, incorporate that so it’s enjoyable for both of you.

Have you tried the grapefruit technique?

I’ve tried it! It’s flavorful, it’s definitely something to keep it interesting in the bedroom. . . something I would do for Valentine’s Day. . .definitely not an everyday thing. It’s a great way to spice it up. They can’t believe you’re doing it. You don’t tell them you’re doing it.

Do you think bringing a third person into the bedroom brings more harm than good?

I don’t agree with that for my relationship. I’ve never tried that. I don’t think it’s healthy and that’s because of who I am. Anybody that I take seriously and that I love, I can’t see them having sex with anybody else. It’s a gamble to me. I couldn’t take it. Everybody is going to die at the end (laughs).

Where is the most exciting place you had sex?

An ex-boyfriend of mine pulled into his old middle school and we did it in the car. It was late at night and we just wanted to have fun.

Doing it with a mate who is physically attractive and mediocre or doing it with a mate who has the right/big sexual parts and unattractive? Look good or feel good?

Mmmm…I care about looks but I don’t really care about looks. I care more about the chemistry more than anything else. So, if the chemistry is good and the passion is there, that’s what I care about the most. I’ve dated some guys that are not attractive and guys that are attractive. None of the guys I’ve dated look alike. I don’t have a preference. I have a preference of spirit. I’ve had partners that were huge and some that weren’t, but they were still good in bed because of my feelings for them. I’m all about chemistry, feelings, and connections.

Catch Nikki Nicole’s vibrant and witty personality on the upcoming season of Kandi Koated Nights and her radio show Two Twisted Sistas. It won’t be long before Nikki shakes up Hollywood.


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