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Nip and Tuck Without the Knife

Nip and Tuck Without the Knife

Let’s face it! Lips,wrinkles,eyes,or eyebrows, each and everyone of us have a quirky characteristic we would prefer to alter in some fashion. However, our desires to undergo cosmetic surgery do wane a bit after we view  all of the negative press surrounding celebrity cosmetic surgery lately,( think Nikki Minaj,Renée Zellwegger). After all ,the surgery is just so PERMANENT and sometimes unpredictable. Well, that’s where the true art of makeup comes in! With great,thoughtful technique, you can accent your strengths and downplay your imperfections. Allowing you an 100% guarantee you will look amazing and still recognize yourself in the mirror! Here are some helpful tips!

Considering eye lift? Avoid the knife and utilize an eye liner! The important rules of eyeliner for a brighter, youthful look are as follows:

1.The thinner the line the better, thick eyeliner takes more space on the lid therefore aging and shrinking eyes.

2. Create clean lines! Unintentional smudged,runny liner can age lids as well.

3. For extremely droopy lids apply liner slightly about lash line.

4. For the appearance of a larger eye,make sure not to line from corner to corner, but to stop just before natural lash line,finishing off with nude or white pencil in waterline.

5. Less is really more! For receding or droopy lids use more neutral colors and be sure to blend, blend, blend!

Thinking of Lip Fillers? Try this routine instead!

1.Start with well moisturized lips, then apply foundation.

2.Choose a lip liner closest to natural shade, lining just around the perimeter of natural lips, this is a great time to even out disproportionate lips as well, remember NO HARSH LINES!

3. Do a hi-light in the center of mouth using product at least 2 shades lighter.

4. Apply sheer gloss glaze over your pout. Remember gloss and any other product with light reflectors will automatically give the illusion of fuller lips, if you want to go the extra mile,then you may apply a lip plumping gloss to amp up fullness.

Achieve a pain free face lift in mins with these techniques:

1. Remember not to prime is a crime! Anti -wrinkle, pore tightening, oil reducing ,  primer is the perfect base for an at home face lift.

2. Hi -light and Contour is key! Just like a lift, this technique will give the illusion of more taught skin and a more angular,youthful bone structure. Remember to apply the concealer over foundation!

3. Remember to stay away from pressed powder with more mature skin as it will settle into wrinkles!

4. Bangs are a great option for forehead wrinkles!

5. Brow lifts can be lifted by applying a thin highlight around freshly groomed brow. MAKE SURE TO BLEND!

6. And once again, less is more! Whether its an all over application or a spot conceal use the perfect amount for your skin and not a drop more!!






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