No More Chewing Gum? Michaela Coel Speaks Out on Season 3!

We have to admit we were rather late to the party when it came to Michaela Coel and her hit Netflix series, Chewing Gum. We instantly fell in love with the comedy and as we learned about “Tracey Gordon”,  her hilarious family and friends, and her journey towards love and sexual liberation. Indeed, Chewing Gum is probably the closest thing the United Kingdom will ever get to Issa Rae’s Insecure–or maybe it’s the other way around since her series debuted first back in 2015. Either way our hearts are broken as we have learned there are no plans for a third season of Chewing Gum!

Michaela Coel confirmed last night that she had not even begun writing a third season for Chewing Gum,  citing she felt she had reached a “creative peak” with the series.

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michaela coel as tracey gordon in chewing gum
Michaela Coel as “Tracey Gordon” in Netflix’s “Chewing Gum” comedy series

“Michaela is not currently writing a third series of Chewing Gum as she is focussing on some other projects,” the rep said, “but is not closing the door to the possibility in the future.”

Channel 4 confirmed the news in a statement. “Chewing Gum is a vibrant, hilarious and unique comedy of which we are incredibly proud. Though there currently aren’t any plans for a 3rd series, we hope to work with the hugely talented Michaela Coel again soon.”

The statements follow a report in Broadcast which claimed that Coel had told Channel 4 she had “reached a creative peak” with Chewing Gum.


Michaela has since confirmed this news via Twitter:



This news really sucks! This is an amazing series and from the research we have done brought some much needed diversity to UK television and roles for minority actors. We know Michaela wrote both seasons of the series alone, but here is where a writing team comes into play, to help alleviate some of the creative burden. We will definitely continue to support Michaela in the future, but will always have a soft spot for Tracey Gordon. Here’s hoping a third season will come once Ms. Coel excels beyond her “peak!”

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