A No Makeup Day

Are you ready to just simple roll out of bed and go? Try a no make up day.


This may seem scary at first, but just hear me out. Have you ever just felt like you did not want to be bothered with doing anything? I do mean anything. Well, getting ready in the morning at times can be a task, especially when it’s a rainy day, a Monday or any day you know you are going to have to be bothered with people. Why not make things a bit easier and have a no make up day.

Rihanna no makeup

Please note, this is not the “no makeup” makeup look. I mean actually be bare face! No foundation, primer, concealer, bronzer, eye shadow or highlighter. Sounds scary, but just look at that list of products you have to put on your face just to deal with the day. Imagine how freeing it would be to just simply say “F**k it” and not put that stuff on.

Beyonce No Makeup

If you are fearful of doing it, it’s understandable. It would be a change, but the benefits are great. First off, you will not have to wake up earlier just to spend time in the mirror. Beauty sleep and extra sleep is everyone’s best friend these days. Secondly, you can fall in love with your natural glow. Skin care and having a great skincare routine will be the co-star, with you being the lead, naturally. Now, if you are going out into the world, moisturize and apply sunscreen, but if you are going to stay home, just moisturize and relax. That is the third benefit, relaxing. With the no makeup day, you can simply relax. No need to scroll down IG to find inspiration for makeup looks.

Gabrielle Union no makeupWould you be willing to try a day of no makeup? This is not anti-makeup or makeup shaming, but part of self care. You’d sleep more and have less to worry about. Plus, there would be no need to rush in the morning. If you want to try to wear less makeup and still get that liberating experience, go for a tinted moisturizer. No Makeup Day just might turn into a week, if you’d like. Just try it, you have nothing to lose.

J Holloway

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