No Meat Goodies! Three Wonder Foods for the Beginner Vegetarian!

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Most people do not know that for nearly a month now I have been a practicing vegetarian. Why? You might ask. Skin and weight issues! At 31, my acne flared out of control leaving visible scars on my face and neck. Then I learned I gained twelve pounds over the course 2014. Something I am never going to be proud of. Thankfully, Proactiv and my personal trainer Dru (IG: @drufit_) corrected my skin and weight, but I still needed a lifestyle change, something I never dreamed of trying before. Thus, vegetables became my yellow brick road to enlightenment!

I soon found being a vegetarian could be a little tricky, especially if you are craving fast foods! Fries galore is what is offered to you, but for a healthier and heartier snacks and meals there are three amazing foods any novice vegetarian should look too!

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#3. Mushrooms-These babies are like faux-meat! The good thing about mushrooms (besides tasting amazing) is they are loaded with zinc, an element that works wonders for the immune system. Mushrooms, being mostly water, absorb water spices, oils, and seasonings they are cooked in. When properly seasoned or slathered with a little sauce–barbecue, soy, tomato,etc.–are yum, yum, good!


#2. Zucchini- Zucchini does not taste like meat, but like meat it is versatile enough to be cooked in just about any way. You can sautee it, boil it, fry it, grill it, the list goes on an on. There are also zucchini breads, noodles, and chips. Go ahead and make this your go to veggie!


#1. Black Beans- “Beans, beans, the magical fruit…” Black Beans are indeed magic and so filling you will not miss the meat you crave. The trick to them is how you season and sauce them. Giving them the powerful properties of mushrooms and zucchini. However, unlike the other two meat substitutes these beans are more malleable and can be found in a lot more of your favorite Mexican dishes, salads, and even burgers!

Miss meat no more and eat hearty–just with a very veggie twist! Bon appetit!

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