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Non-Red Meat Eater, Pescetarianism, Vegetarianism, Veganism, and Plant-Based. What’s the Difference Between All of Them, and What Are the Benefits of Each Diet?

Non-Red Meat Eater, Pescetarianism, Vegetarianism, Veganism, and Plant-Based. What’s the Difference Between All of Them, and What Are the Benefits of Each Diet?


A pic of fruit and vegetables
A pic of fruit and vegetables

Doesn’t it seem like everyone and their mama are changing their diets, and giving up different types of meat, or meat as a whole? Maybe it’s because of the “What the Health” documentary, which has been making everyone go vegan, due to the graphic visuals that were shown of what take place on a farm, and in factories. Or maybe it’s because of YouTube; with all the popular videos informing people about their eating lifestyle and healthy eating.

A lot of our favorite celebrities are joining these healthy eating lifestyles. Just recently, Drake announced he became a vegetarian, and our girl, Zendaya, mentioned she has been one for years. Beyonce made public on her Instagram a few weeks before her Coachella performance, that she was starting her vegan diet again. Singers like Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande, are all vegan, and Mya who is a strong advocate for veganism. NBA players, Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard, just announced they went vegan last year. So why are all our favorite celebs giving up meat?

I actually gave up red meat almost six years ago, and haven’t looked back since. But if you’re like me, and have been contemplating changing your diet for some time, but you don’t which one, find out the difference between them all, and the benefits of each one below:

Non-Red Meat Eater

A person who doesn’t eat pork, beef, and lamb, but still eat meat such as, chicken, turkey, fish, and other seafood. And of course eat any other vegetables, and other foods that contains meat.

Benefits of not eating red meat –
1) Reducing Heart Disease Risk- Because red meats contains a high saturated fats compared to white meats and other foods, and saturated fats are one the causes of heart disease.
2) Reduced Cancer Risk- According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, no red meat, may lower your risk of cancer because high consumptions of red meat is linked to the developing of different types of cancer such as, colon, rectum, stomach, prostate, bladder, and lungs.


A person who doesn’t eat red or white meat, but fish, seafood, and other foods.

A picture of a salmon healthy dinner
A picture of a salmon healthy dinner

Benefits of being a pescatarian-

1) Just like not eating red meat, being a pescetarian reduces your chance of reducing heart disease and cancer.
2) It’s beneficial to our planet. According to The Vegetarian Resource Group, one pound of beef requires 2.500 gallons of water, compared to soy which only requires 250 gallons of water, and wheat only requires 25 gallons.

Socials medias to follow : IG: @pescetarianfood and @pescetarian.kitchen
YouTube: Shameless Maya


A person who doesn’t eat meat, but usually eats other animal products. Some vegetarians even eat fish/ seafood occasionally.

Benefits of being a vegetarian:

1) Reduces incidence of diabetes, risk of cataract, risk of cardiovascular disease, and reduces risk of cancer and heart disease, because of the less intake of saturated fats that are in meat.
2) Less risk of obesity
3) May improve mood, because studies have shown there’s a link between mood disturbances and arachidonic acid, and arachidonic acids are usually found in animal products,

Social medias to follow: IG: @vegetarianfoodlover and @tastyvegetarian
YouTube: Tasty

Vegan/Plant-based eater

A person who abstains from ALL meat products, including honey and gelatins.

Benefits of being a vegan/plant-based:

1) Same benefits as being a vegetarian
2) No animals are being harmed, with the types of food you eat

Social medias to follow IG: @myaplanet9 , @veganfoodspot , and @veganfoodshare

A pic of vegan food from Mya's Instagram
A post from singer, Mya about her vegan meals, for that day

YouTube – TheChicNatural, Cheap Lazy Vegan, and avantgardevegan

Non Benefits of all 4 lifestyles: Because meat contains a lot of protein, by not eating it, you can develop a protein deficiency, unless you eat other foods that contain protein like nuts, beans, eggs(if not vegan), tofu, broccoli, oats, etc.


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