Nostalgic for Nesta – Cedella Marley Swimwear Pays Homage to Legendary Father

The beginning of summer signifies the mad rush to find the perfect beach wear. Its almost a task to find that suit that nips and tucks what you want to show and what you want to hide. Some walk on the brave side with few worries while others know what finding that perfect suit does for their body type.

The Marley legacy has united the world through music for the soul! Bob Marley left a lasting impression on the world before his passing and his children didn’t let the name subside that easily. We continue to see the Marley name attached to movies, song colabos, coffee and fashion.

Cedella Marley, one of Bob’s daughter’s is no rookie in the fashion game. Having designed the Olympic games uniforms for Jamaica, this Carribean fashion icon knows what’s truly hot! Her inspiration is all the essential elements: nature, love and laughter…and not to mention one of the biggest musical icons of our time, her father!

The above feature is a monokini from her High Tide Collection