Not That We’re Surprised…Child Support Documents Reveal Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Were NEVER Married!

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s (LHHATLStevie J and Joseline Hernandez are surely a match made in dramatic hell! However, they are an “on again, off again” couple we love to hate and cannot stop watching. As you already know Joseline is expecting a little girl early next year and alleges Stevie J is the father.

Stevie J, however, has vehemently refuted her claims repeatedly stating she is a liar and cheater.

Well Joseline is expecting Stevie to pay child support and had to file a petition to get the ball going. In that petition, however, it was revealed that the couple was playing house, involved in a long term relationship where they called themselves “husband and wife,” but they have NEVER been married!

via Bossip:

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“The parties were not married at the time of conception,” Hernandez wrote in her child support complaint, which was obtained by BOSSIP.

While filming their hit reality show, the pair would frequently dodge questions about when and where they got married, and when BOSSIP spotted Jordan at Manhattan Federal Court last month, he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

“I and Mr. Steven Jordan were involved in a long-term romantic relationship,” Hernandez wrote in an affidavit obtained by BOSSIP. “We engaged in sexual intercourse with each other in the month of April 2016. As a result of the intercourse, I conceived a child with Mr. Jordan.”

Hernandez said despite the pair falling out earlier this year – and rumors that Jordan was stepping out with his now-girlfriend Faith Evans – the exes continued to have unprotected sex until May of this year when she said the child was conceived. Hernandez said she’s due around January 9.

Now, Hernandez said Jordan financially and emotionally abandoned her, and she asked the courts for a DNA test and to force him to help pay her medical expenses and the baby’s upkeep.

All we can say is next season of LHHATL is going to be an even bigger mess than previous seasons. We will keep you posted!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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