Tinashe 2 On 2014 1500x1500

Now Playing: Tinashe “2 On” ft. School Boy Q

There is officially a new bad girl on the music scene. She’s talking about smoking, drinking, and flirting with the boys. The beat thumps with an infectious Cali motion; she blends her vocals over the rhythm, and tops it with a swag very similar to Aaliyah. Her name is Tinashe and her summer single is “2 On” featuring School Boy Q. Vocally she’s no Whitney Houston, but her talent is clearly there.


The single is made for the summer and will surely be played through the clubs, stereos, and car speakers. Her talent is undeniable and very captivating. If you’re thinking she’s a Rihanna wannabe think again because she’s far from it. She’s bringing the west coast vibe in full throttle. This chick is playing no games in her latest video for the single. Once watching it you really can’t keep you eyes off her.


Shy is the farthest thing you’ll call her. Let’s just say her debut video has cake throwing and licking off her belly. She’s pretty much everything a bad girl is. FUN.



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