NYFW Report: KITH Sport 2018 Spring/Summer Collection


Popular streetwear brand, KITH NYC, showcased their 2018 Spring/Summer Sports collection on Thursday (September 7). The collection consisted of over 100 looks that were comprised of pieces that stemmed from collaborations with various other brands. Nike, adidas, Champion, Bergdorf Goodman, Moncler, Coke, Off-White, Disney, and several other brands took part in the collection; approximately 15 in total.

With a blend of athletic wear and streetwear, Kith sent tracksuits, soccer jerseys, hoodies, and fun sweatshirts down the runway. One of the highlights of the collection was the outerwear. Bomber jackets, buffalo check outerwear shirts, varsity jackets, denim jackets, and long coats were all shown.


The varsity jackets were multicolored, with Bergdorf Goodman’s logo on the back. Nike’s section featured a lot of track and sweatsuits, along with jackets, cable-knit sweaters, and arctic jackets. adidas influence contributed towards soccer athletic wear. Robes, parkas, jumpsuits, and even a dress for women took part in the story.

Obviously, this collection was made for everyday wear and activity-driven people.  The average college student or millennial on-the-go could easily find a use for almost every piece in this collection. The versatility is the most exciting thing because it means that there’s something for everyone. Especially, since the collaborations add another unique layer to each piece. It’s a very young, contemporary, casual, and versatile collection. So basically, KITH takes the “W” on this one.

KITHNotable public figures like Lebron James, Virgil Aboloh, Teyana Taylor, Tommy Hilfiger, and a host of other various celebrities were all in attendance. One of Kontrol’s favorite male models, DENG, was seen coming down the runway as well. However, the models used in KITH’s presentation were both male and female, with an overwhelming majority of the looks being men’s or unisex.

Martel Sharpe

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