KontrolApproved: NYFW StreetStyle!

As fashion week soon comes to a close, we can’t mention New York fashion week with out street style. Celebrity, socialites and just everyday well-dressed individuals, traveled across the world to attend  the two major F’s, fashion and fun.

The Kontrol staff walked the streets of New Work capturing some of the most fabulous, authentic, and risk taking ensembles from people from all over. This is  why I love fashion week anywhere in the world! It allows those who aren’t risk takers at heart to actually take that risk with no apologies and brings together the people who speak, breathe and live fashion. It’s like when fashion socialites cross each other’s path, just by eye contact and a glimpse of each other’s ensembles they said hello and so much more without uttering a word. We just get each other!

With street style you either go all the way or go home. Fashion week in New York comes twice a year,make it count.

Some of the captured photos below of our favorite street wear tells a story beyond fashion. And this year’s runway shows provided us looks and trends for what’s to come fashion week in February 2018. So, check out our favorite street style looks below.

Image of woman in pink in New York fashion week
Photography: Katherine Pekala
image of man in jeweled shades in new York
Image:Katherine Pekala
Image of woman on New York side walk for fashion week
Photography: Katherine Pekala
Image of woman in all white in New York
Photography:Katherine Pekala
Image of Miss J Alexander in New York during NYFW
Miss J Alexander Image; Katherine Pekala

Alongside our capture photographs of our favorite street styles, Kontrol staff were among those street style favorites. Not only were their our favorites, some of our staffs street style was featured in top fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Nylon, HypeBae and much more! Check out some of our staff street style below.

Image of black women with blonde hair, black hat in New York
Dalia Drake of Kontrol Magazine and stylist, Image: Katherine Pekala
Image of black male in the streets of New York Fashion week
Brandon Foster of Kontrol Magazine and stylist, Image: Katherine Pekala
Image of black girl in pink jacket New York Fashion Week
Photographed in her custom jacket modeled and made by Adorr of Kontrol Magazine, Image: Cosmopolitan
Image of two women in New York for fashion week
Dalia and Adorr of Kontrol Magazine in New York for NYFW

With all of this KontrolApproved street style, we can’t wait for round two of New York fashion week in February 2018!

Shanice Shantelle

Fashion Writer

Fashion writer for Kontrol. Has previously interned as a reporter for local newspaper in North Carolina. While, freelancing for 2 independent social media blogs as social marketer and writer. Shanice is continuing to perfect her writing craft and gain exposure for more opportunities within entertainment and media.

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