So You Wanna be an Ocean Goddess, huh? Real Talk on Curvy Confidence

So you’re curvy, right? And you wanna be an ocean goddess, right? Admit it- You know you have that personal mirror cheer squad going in the bathroom.  You may even have your bestie pumping you too! Sounds a little something like:

“Girl, you betta stunt on ’em!

Flex every single curve!

Ooohhh killen’em with those extra sexy thick thighs!

Don’t hurt’em with that booty bounce girl!

Yasssss Honey Yassssss!!!

Come through curves, come through!!”

Let’s be real–that Amen Corner stays popping– until  the time comes to wear a bathing suit.

While that may not be everyone’s story, many women struggle with being confident in swimwear.

So let’s talk about it: the good, the bad, the obvious.

The Good

There are some amazingly cute plus size swimwear options both high end and conveniently priced. Some designers are really coming through in the clutch to offer beautiful, flattering and sexy swimwear for the plus girls.

plus size swimwear
Desiree Jenkins for Curvykini
Kristine of Trendy Curvy
Kristine of Trendy Curvy

It seems that there are new lines and styles added each summer. That is something to celebrate. We actually have ocean goddess options now.

The Bad

As a woman, there is pressure.  Inward, outward, societal– there is always an opinion, ideal, or a criticism looming.  It’s not easy to feel confident on a normal day.  And just the fact of wanting to be comfortable in the heat can feel overwhelming. Then you want to add showing skin in a bathing suit too? That can feel impossible for some.

However, the truth is we should all feel free to exist the way we are.  While it can be weighty at times, it is important not to allow “them” to regulate personal confidence.  It is ok to feel beautiful and comfortable in your curves.

SFA 2 653x980 MsKristine of TrendyCurvy
Kristine of Trendy Curvy with glammed out sarong

If there is a little (or a lot) of apprehension with swimwear, start off with buying a cute suit and wearing it around the house.  Feel good in it and practice your ocean goddess walk. Then maybe advance to a smaller setting with trusted friend.  Wear a sarong and sit in the hot tub and chill.  That way you’re in public yet not in front of a big crowd.  Get a little glammed up too! Do this a few times and build up self-assurance.

plus size swimwear
Chante of  Everything Curvy & Chic for Target
The Obvious

Finally, no matter how good you feel about yourself, you’re not everyone’s cup of tea.  And you never will be.  And that’s completely ok.  Curvy or not, no one is.  Even with that being the case, it is important that you are your own cup of tea.  That loving yourself and embracing your curves is not optional, but a way of living.

Respect yourself enough to thrive. Love yourself. Enjoy summer.  Be an ocean goddess. You know you want to.

Cannie Hunter

Contributing Writer

I’m Cannie Hunter, affectionately known online as “MzNaturalLife.” I’m an avid and outgoing lifestyle blogger, YouTube content creator, event host, public speaker, and owner of Coils & Confidence lifestyle brand. On my various platforms, at events and in speaking engagements, I have the incredible opportunity to share helpful information and inspiration in topics empowering women to truly love themselves, naturally. Be sure to check out my blog and follow me on Instagram @mznaturallife!

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