OFF-WHITE Industrial Belts are Killing the Game


Though they aren’t new, OFF-WHITE‘s industrial belts are infamous and a fashion fave. They reappeared last week during New York Fashion Week and previously continued to make waves as a popular, and highly coveted item.

Made of metal hardware and a cotton strap, the OFF-WHITE Industrial belt resembles a plane buckle or straps used in construction. Originally, it was only available in bright yellow, but as time went on the company released different colors until they had a rainbow to offer. As of now, the industrial belts are available in ten different colors.

OFF-WHITE has already released the Industrial belt in yellow, white, green, black, brown, blue, red, orange, grey, and white with red stitching.

The belts first made their appearance in OFF-WHITE’s first ever runway show back in 2016. However, it wasn’t until midway through the year that they became available to the public. OFF-White even provided “How to” videos to show consumers the appropriate way to wear the belt. And it wasn’t the first time that the company created an instructional video for its customers. They did the same thing with their Zip-Tie tag.

This year three different types of industrial belts were introduced months prior to New York Fashion Week: the Mini Industrial Belt, the Classic Industrial Belt, and the Crystal Industrial Belt. All of which features the OFF-WHITE logo all around the belt, however, the Crystal belt has crystals lined around it.

The classic Industrial belts are normally priced around $209, while the mini belt is $150 and the crystal belt is $750. Regardless of their high price tag OFF-WHITE still has trouble keeping them all in stock. They’re  currently available in all twelve of the company’s stores and at select retailers. OFF-WHITE has stores in New York City, Hong Kong, Toyko. The New York City store was the company’s newest addition.


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