Official Release Date announced for The Best Man Wedding!

We are happy to announce the third and final installment of the franchise has an official release date! It has been announced via Entertainment Weekly the following:

Universal has announced that the third film, which follows 2013′s The Best Man Holiday and 1999’s The Best Man, is titled The Best Man Wedding and will be released on Friday, April 15, 2016. As the film’s description puts it, the gang returns to “celebrate the group’s most unexpected wedding to date.” Malcolm D. Lee will again write and direct, with Sean Daniel returning to produce.

The Best Man Holiday

“The Best Man” was a serious hit in the late nineties. Its juicy story line and dynamic cast garnered it an almost cult following and a place in the “movies you must see as an African-American or they’ll revoke your Black card!” Then, fifteen years later a sequel was announced and released in “The Best man Holiday!” Audiences, old and new, were treated once again to this stellar cast and a glorious, but tragic twist when (spoiler alert) Mia (Monica Calhoun) died from cancer. Then at the end of the film we learned the most unlikely member of the motley crew was getting hitched–weed smoking, womanizing, smart mouthed–Quentin (Terrence Howard)!


The first two films have been nothing short of spectacular. The latter has even made Hollywood rethink the quality and buying power African-American centered films. Surprise, surprise Black people in this country like quality films too! still, you just know with this group of friends things are going to be anything but boring. Hopefully we will find out who Quentin is married, how everyone is dealing with Mia’s death, have Harper and Lance truly reconciled, and if Shelby will finally stop being such a drama queen. Time will tell! Maybe they will wisen up and follow suit with “Soul Food,” and release a television series based on the film. Who knows?  Check my review for the film in a little less than two years! 😉

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