Oh Baby! The Drama Continues! Chris Brown’s Alleged Baby Mama’s Ex-Husband Warns Him To Watch Temper Around Her!

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And the drama continues in this Chris Brown baby gate situation! Last week it was reported that the singer is the father of a 9-month-old baby girl named Royalty with former model Nia Guzman (who was also reportedly a friend of Karrueche’s). That situation went from 0-100 REAL QUICK as Kae chunked the deuces wishing Chris and his baby the best of luck to the public finding out that Nia was a married woman at the time of the affair with Chris to Chris now planning to take Nia to court for reportedly leaking the story to the media and now Terry Avery, Nia’s ex-husband is speaking out and threatening Chris.

TMZ reports that Terry, who was married to Nia for 11 years and has a 13-year-old daughter with the former model and who divorced her last year after finding out about the baby with Chris, has now informed TMZ that if Chris loses his temper around Nia and their daughter that he WILL lay hands on him!



Terry don’t play that and I’m sure if Chris were to lose his temper, that issues will escalate at a very rapid speed. Although Chris hasn’t really spoken out about his alleged baby, he did take to Instagram to say that he’ll post what he wants when he wants and that he doesn’t owe “nosey MF’s a damn thing”, clapback Breezy! Well I guess we’ll soon find out if Royalty is not only Chris’ baby but how child support will pan out if she is.

This situation just keeps getting messier and messier by the minute.

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