Oh Oily Skin

Are you feeling trapped in your skin? Learn more about treating your oily skin.


So, the first thing you may wonder is why? The reason your skin is oily is due to 1) genetics 2) the products used on your face. Sadly, genetics cannot be changed, but you can change the stuff you put on your face.


If you are using something to harsh and drying, that will not help you in resolving the oily skin issue. Actually, your skin is receiving a “message” that your skin is dry and it must keep itself moist. Thus, an over production of oil, or sebum.

oily skin diagram

In addition to worrying about too much oil, getting acne is also an issue. In a nutshell, you get some forms of acne when the oil is stuck in your pores with layers of dead skin. It’s the best environment for bacteria to grow.


No need to feel bad, because we will help you get on the right track to beautiful skin. The first step is finding the right cleanser.

FOAM Cleanser

The best kind of facial cleanser to use is one that will mattify your skin, but wont strip it of too much oil. When shopping for a facial cleanser, try to find one with glycolic acid and/or salicylic acid. They help remove oil, bacteria and dead skin cells in your pores and exfoliate too. Foam or gel, just pick which one you like most.


Once your face is clean, search for a toner. Generally, toners restore the skin’s pH levels and can also remove any possible residue left behind that the cleanser missed. It is best to avoid toners with alcohol and there are many that are good for oily skin.

clinique oily skincare

Finally, we have reached the end of handling oily skin and that is the moisturizer. Yes, you need it. You can try an actual facial oil (not a lot) and a cream. You can also try using clay masks and other skincare trends in the beauty world. Either way, just do not forget the sunblock when stepping out side and never be afraid to seek the help of a pro!

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