Oh Really? McDonald’s Is Giving Out a Golden Chicken McNugget!

Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all, something comes along and makes you yell, “Wow!” Well now the wow factor comes from fast food giant, McDonald’s, as they have announced they are giving away a golden chicken McNugget! The nugget is real gold, eighteen karats, and valued at about $2K. The contest centers around a banana-suited sauce thief, eerily reminiscent of “The Hamburglar.” This thief, named Kaito Nuggets, AKA The Phantom Thief Nuggets, is rather cheesy, but thankfully this promotion is currently only for the Japanese market.

via The Huffington Post

Kaito Nuggets
Kaito Nuggets

According to the contest’s rules, participants are tasked with helping unmask the nugget-crazed villain by posting when and where he’s spotted using the hashtag ??????? (which is “Kaito Nuggets” in Japanese, according to the chain).

“He may appear in some of McDonald’s restaurants through the country, may throw out a ceremonial first pitch for a professional baseball game, or pay a visit to a prefectural governor making a surprising request entertaining people,” McDonald’s Japan stated in an emailed release.

The sauce thief is a way for McDonald’s to introduce two new dipping sauces to Japanese consumers: a Creamy Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Fruits Curry Sauce. The contest runs June 8–28.

Though only one winner will get their hands on the approximately 50-gram golden nugget, 21 people will win a five-piece pack of nuggets for 39 days. (It’s not clear how the winners will be selected.)

All we can say is the people of Japan better be careful biting their nuggets! We are sure they will be scrambling to find this nugget like it is one of Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets. McDonald’s how about making this a 24 karat nugget for your American customers or a cool diamond–we’d be lovin’ it!

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