Omari Hardwrick goes “Ghost” in Starz latest original series, “Power!”

If you thought Omari Hardwick was just Mary Jane Paul’s pushover addiction/love interest then you would be guilty of typecasting and dead wrong! Mr. Hardwick is flexing his many acting muscles in Starz highly anticipated new series, “Power.” Omar is “James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick,” a notorious gangster and drug trafficker feared and respected throughout the city. However, like any apparition he wrestles with his true nature. Is he the good guy in a bad situation or is he has corrupted as the powerful drug lords he keeps on speed dial. This show seems to have it all. It’s very “Wire” for the next generation of crime drama fans. It will be interesting to see Hardwrick as the leading character in a series. Usually he is someone’s love interest or partner in crime. This time around it is all about him.


Perhaps just as interesting is rapper , Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s double role in this series. First, he is its executive producer. Yet another, accolade to add to his impressive resume. He also plays an as of yet unknown role in the series, but we can be sure it will be something hardcore. After all this is 50 cent. Interestingly, Naturi Naughton of former “3LW” fame, once again flexes her acting muscle as Jame’s dutiful, ride or die wife, “Tasha St. Patrick.” It is hard to buy into the hype surrounding the premieres of so many different television series. However, this one has the spark and bravado to place it alongside the likes of “OZ,” “Law & Order: SVU,” and “New York Undercover.” They say “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” this certainly seems to ring true for James St. Patrick. Check out the trailer for “Power” below, and catch the series premiere on June 7th, only on Starz!

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