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Omarosa Got Fired and the Folks Said “Bye Felicia!”

Omarosa Got Fired and the Folks Said “Bye Felicia!”

Omarosa Manigault Newman on Good Morning America

You’re Fired!

Earlier this week Omarosa got fired from her position as Director of Communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison.  To be fair, there are conflicting reports about how the termination went down.  Omarosa claims that she resigned, but the streets are talking,  and they’re saying that the former Apprentice contestant got canned. I can’t say for sure, but my spidey senses tell me she got the boot.  Just a few months ago sources from the White House reported that Omarosa was the most “despised” person in Trump’s White House.  So it looks to me like she was already on thin ice.


Respected White House correspondent April Ryan tweeted that her sources say Omarosa was terminated by White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly…and it got ugly.

By Felicia!

Now that she’s been kicked to the curb it looks like Omarosa is out here campaigning be invited back to the cookout.  Unfortunately for her, the books are closed. She’s been on a network television tour trying muster up sympathy but nobody (and I mean nobody) is here for it.

All Robin Roberts had to say was “Bye Felicia.”  Now you know the folks are through with you when they don’t even bother to drag you or snatch your edges.  If all you get is a dismissive “girl bye,”  you should follow G-Depp’s instructions and “change your name to Saran, cuz it’s a wrap.”



Tell Us How You Really Feel

When the topic was discussed on The View,  Whoopi Goldgerg gave a dismissal that was a bit more “spirited”.  Among other things, Whoopi said,

“I hope you find something to do hoe.”

Yeah…that happened.


She’s “On One”

My favorite response came from Angela Rye, our political commentary gangsta emeritus. I don’t think the rest of the CNN Panel was ready for the petty, but her podcast is called “On One”, so they were warned. Angela prefaced her reaction by saying she knew it was petty, and then she basically burst into joyous laughter.  Rye’s response had a sort of kindergarten teasing “nah nah, na nah nah…you got fired” vibe to it which may not be right, but it was definitely funny.

Rye chucked Omarosa the deuces and said:

Bye honey! You have never represented the community.  You are skinfolk [not kinfolk], We don’t own you like Zora. Goodbye…Good riddance!”

Pick a Side…And Stay There!

Basically, the chapter has voted and we’re not taking on a  line this semester.  Furthermore, even if we were, you’d NEVER get invited to the rush.  The books are closed (to you).  Everybody on campus knows that the only reason you want to be down with US  now, is because you just got dropped from THEIR line.  Now you think you bout to rock, skate, roll, bounce, slip and slide up into our  organization?  Girl Bye!  Do not stop, do not pass go, do not expect any invitations to the cookout, and do not show up unannounced, cuz we got bouncers too.  And one more thing, the regional director will not be taking your calls, so save it.  You picked your side…now stay there.


Written by Nicci Page (Writer| Lawyer| Speaker| Creative)

Follow me @realglowandflow

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