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Online Boutique Spotlight: Introducing Luxe Apparel

Luxe Apparel is a diverse and daring brand based in Atlanta, Georgia. The boutique is a world of bold, unique, and fashion-forward pieces that represent confidence in every aspect.describes their style blend as the SCT Movement—SASSY, CLASSY with a hint of TRASHY! This is the perfect online site for fashion divas that like to look sexy and fabulous at reasonable prices. With a variety of looks to choose from, Luxe Apparel will definitely help you make a fashion statement.


Instagram: @SCT_Movement

By: Kela B.

Luxe 2

Photo Caption 1: Singer Kissie Lee wearing Luxe Apparel with Kontrol’s Editor-in-Chief

Top Image Credits Photography by Ahmad Barber

Hair By Dairyann Shawnice

Make up by Bee Wade

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