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Optimizing E-sports Performance – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Optimizing E-sports Performance – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

How to Enhance Your Esports Performance. 

In the professional esports sector, competition is fiercer than ever. Players focus on their accuracy, reflexes, communication skills, and overall game knowledge. They focus on fine-tuning their gaming techniques while also strengthening and fixing any flaws they may have.

When playing your favorite games, whether that’s Activision’s Call of Duty games, or Borgata sports betting online, you need to be at the top of your game to score a win and get maximum enjoyment.

The maintenance of our physical and mental health, and its importance in competitive gaming, is often overlooked. As players spend hours working on their play skills, they forget to work on their real-life health. Whether it’s a lengthy sit, lousy posture, increased stress following failure, quality sleep, the adverse consequences of playing can seriously degrade a player’s overall health.

Here are some interesting ways you can optimize your esports performance by focusing on your health. 

Get Enough Sleep 

Aim to sleep for at least 8-9 hours a night. Good sleep is essential to keep focus and make decisions better. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is necessary for learning, remembering, and emotional health as a stage of sleep during dreaming.

Exercise Your Mind and Body 

Try to practice exercising for at least 30 minutes per day: long-term gaming can lead to higher cortisol levels, a stress-related hormone. It is essential to stay physically active because low-intensity exercise can lower levels of cortisol. It can also improve mental wellbeing and reduce tension, and not only benefit physical fitness.

Regular practice will improve your overall mood and decrease the risk of depression, anxiety, and other mental stress. Highly competitive levels among sports athletes can cause immense physiological stress. 

Exercise can help mitigate those stressors when you find yourself competing at high levels and ensure mood stability. Regulation of physiological stress is an essential component of competitive performance optimization.

Find Other Ways to Challenge Yourself Outside of Gaming  

Esports athletes are known for grinding, particularly at the top competitive levels, to achieve their desired results. Consistent participation and the pressure to win in stressful competition only benefit the player in one way: a win. 

The self-esteem of sports fans varies, but the emphasis is on success, which can lead to an unhealthy mind in the face of loss or poor competitive performance.

By participating in activities outside of gaming, such as exercising, athletes can have an alternative sense of achievement when following routine. Whether it means achieving new lifting/running PRs, weight loss and win-win milestones, or the desired physical condition through work and commitment, these play a vital part in athletes’ physical and mental wellbeing.


Practice, but don’t forget to take breaks: when playing a favourite esports game, players are known to experience fatigue. Overloading the brain with information can become hard work if it isn’t given time to adjust. Taking time to disconnect and relax can provide the required downtime for optimal performance.

Don’t Overdo the Caffeine.

Be careful about caffeine. Caffeine can look like an attractive choice to keep yourself alert (as seen in energy drinks). However, if you want a long-term focus, consuming high doses of caffeine can cause anxiety and poor sleep. It can be damaging. Soft drinks with caffeine tend to also be high in sugar. 

Following a sugar spike, your body can respond by lowering your blood sugar levels, leading to a “sugar crash,” which will make you feel tired. Opt for healthier snacks, like fruit or grain bars, which slowly release energy without a sugar spike.

Eat Well 

Players tend to choose easy solutions by eating processed or fast food during gameplay. However, these foods are high in fat, unhealthy, and do not supply the body with necessary nutrients like fresh food does. 

A healthy, balanced diet includes five portions per day of fruit and vegetables, proteins, dairy products or alternative milk products, fiber-friendly carbohydrates, and a small number of unsaturated fats.

Stay Hydrated 

Drink at least 2L (6-8 glasses) of water a day. Dehydrating can detract from tasks that need memory and attention. Try to stick to drinking water only, as there are no calories or sugar, unlike some of your other choices.


Take time to eat, and don’t eat while you are on your computer. Doing so will give your mind more time to relax and disengage from the high-intensity game you are playing. Try to eat with friends or family in a different room, if possible. Cooking your own meals and eating away from your desk help to break up long periods of sitting.

Download Supportive Apps

Use applications to support your mental wellbeing. There are a range of applications that can help to relax your mind and body, including breathing techniques, sound relaxation, and short exercises. You can also find various resources to help you identify the apps that work best for you based on factors such as age. If you take breaks between training, try low-intensity games or relaxing activities, such as reading

Esports is an activity that rewards those who train hard and train well. Part of training means that you have to focus and maintain your health. Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle will only improve your physical and mental health, aiding your gaming performance. 



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