Orange You Glad For Orange Blush?


With spring being around the corner I thought I would share with you a must have blush color…!!! Now I know what you’re thinking , orange??!!  Well  orange is a beautiful color and looks gorgeous on women of color, tanned, and  bronzed complexions. Wearing orange blush gives the face warmth and a natural glow, making you look like a spring goddess.

Here are some of my favorite orange blushes:

Nyx-Cinnamon:This is a beautiful matte orange color. It’s not too orange but it is a very subtle, buildable orange.

Mac- Modern Mandarin: I absolutely love this blush, the orange is very pigmented and long lasting.

Nars- Exhibit A: This blush is on the pricier side but trust me it’s worth it. The blush is a perfect combination of red and orange. When applying, remember a lot goes along way. If this color is too bright for you, Taj Mahal is a toned down color and is as equally gorgeous.



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