Outfits Bosses Wear to a Company Party

Every Boss needs to keep the same message that they are sending to their peers and subordinates regarding who is in charge!  Part of being in charge is taking “Kontrol” of your style.  I have created three looks that will be sure to have you feeling confident and classy while still remaining your stance as the BOSS!

We all know that our attire says a lot about our personality, economic status, level of self esteem, values, and profession.  We all head to our favorite shopping destination looking for outfits that are visually attractive, comfortable, and best of all we splurge on outfits that will totally represent who we are, BOSSES!

This time of the year special celebrations are held for many reasons.  Companies celebrate the Holidays better known as Christmas and New Years.  In addition to observing the Holidays, organizations create the best themed parties to celebrate the achievements of everyone who have contributed to the annual success.  For some companies, the year end profit sharing news are announced while other companies distribute salary bonuses.  Regardless of the reason for the “TURN UP,”  The BOSS still have to be The BOSS, both in the office and on the night of the big company party.

Check out the three styles below.

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Kontrol Holiday Outfits


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