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Matereza Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Paris Fashion Week

The Matereza fall/winter 2021-2022 fashion collection can easily be coined as classic, romantic and sophisticated. While these are of course general terms used to describe various collections at the upper echelons of fashion, the Matereza 2021-2022 fall/winter strongly embodies these qualities. This particular collection from Matereza easily exemplifies the vintage themes of an age long

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Humphreys Skincare

The Gossip About Humphreys Skincare

It’s likely that many of you have been wondering what all the gossip about Humphreys skincare line is about, and I’m happy to be the one to spill a little of the news to you. Actress Savannah Lee Smith of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl is the new face of Humphrey’s personal care products. Having only

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Michael Jonvier - Entertainment

Kontrol The music Logo

Kontrol The Music New Artist Spotlight

If you are an artist or band craving to get additional exposure, broadcast your latest single release, or shout your story from the rooftop, Kontrol The Music’s New Artist Spotlight Program is for you.

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NFL 2021: The Favorite Contenders This Season

NFL 2021: The Favorite Contenders This Season

Finally, the wait is over—the NFL Draft just got over, and the NFL schedule is out. Meaning, there is something for football fans to be excited about in the latter half of the year. With the 2021 training camp just a month away, sports bettors are curious about the NFL power ranking. In fact, most

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Digital process, marketing. Interactive screen with business processes over businessman typing on laptop

How to Build a Digital Process Automation Strategy

How to Build a Digital Process Automation Strategy The world has certainly changed in many different ways over the centuries. Through the Renaissance and industrial revolutions, the way businesses operate continues to expand and evolve with the times we live in. The latest of these advances is the introduction into the digital age. With so

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Fake It Until you Make It: 5 Ways To Live Like a Celeb

Fake It Until you Make It: 5 Ways To Live Like a Celeb

Things are not always as they seem. Luck isn’t a right, and sometimes you have to make your luck to achieve what might be considered unachievable. Living like a celeb doesn’t come easily. For some, the lucky few can achieve celebrity status overnight by hitting the casino tables or being left a stash by an

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kontrol conversations tamika scott michael jonvier

Kontrol Conversations-Xscape’s Tamika Scott

“Kontrol Conversations,” hosted by Michael Jonvier, wrapped its second episode with the legendary singer, Tamika Scott. Known as a member of the legendary R&B girl group, Xscape, Tamika has now added “momager,” chef, and businesswoman by managing her daughter, Young Niyah’s music career, creating her own line of custom spices, “Southern Fuse,” and a new

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Kontrol The Brand

Cryptocurrency coins in sand

Why Cryptocurrencies will Bitcoin be the Next Big Thing?

Cryptocurrencies have always been an unknown entity for the traders and investors. But the very mystery that the cryptocurrencies have brought with itself has made the traders and the investors interested. Cryptocurrency has a dark history that led the people to believe that Cryptocurrency is a currency that is used for illicit purposes. However, there

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Bitcoin anonymity in case of trading

If the transaction is in the current currency, the sender will be identified. This is to clarify the purpose of the transaction, as current currency transactions must comply with anti-money laundering and other regulations. However, Bitcoin user transactions are theoretically semi-anonymous. Because there is no central centre for verifying transactions in Bitcoin transactions, you do

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kontrol magazine

Kontrol Magazine

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Get The 411 On Studio 905 Hair Boutique!

The first federally recognized Juneteenth holiday weekend just passed and Kontrol Magazine opted to spread the love by giving back and partnering with Studio 905 Hair Boutique! Studio 95, located in the historic area of Downtown Conyers, GA; is chalked full of a few of the most amazing stylists in the Metro Atlanta area. The

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Sensual Young Girl Vaping

Are (Legal) THC Vapes Safe?

In recent years, vaping THC and tobacco have risen in popularity amongst Canadian teens and young adults. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why the trends introduced the conversation of whether or not vaping is safe. People have been smoking tobacco and marijuana for thousands of years. Tobacco use was first reported 8,000 years ago,

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Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas

Wedding Video: Tips For Newlyweds + Top Ideas

A wedding is an important event in life, which must be perfect and be remembered for a long time. To capture the memories, the best option is to shoot a wedding video. The wedding film is a memory for a married couple for many years. All newlyweds want to make their video the brightest, original

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Health & Wellness

What Are Affirmations, and How to Use Them?

What Are Affirmations, and How to Use Them?

Words are extremely important in our lives. If we know how to use them, we can fight stress, achieve our dreams, and improve mental well-being. Why & How to Use Affirmations Affirmations are an important aspect of self-love and self-care. Knowing what to say to ourselves, how to appreciate, empower ourselves, be self-compassionate and choosing

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woman applying cold compress to a her painful wrist

Tips on Managing Inflammation

Do you struggle with inflammation? Does inflammation take a toll on your body? Keep reading to learn about how to manage inflammation and live your best life. All About Inflammation Inflammation isn’t always visible. While not always seen by the human eye, inflammation can cause pain and discomfort in the body. Inflammation—a form of swelling—is

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6 reasons you should shop at HUTCH BABY

If you don’t know about Hutch Baby, I’m here to give you 6 reasons why you must shop with them. 1.HUTCH BABY HAS A HUGE SELECTION Hutch baby carries baby, toddler and big kid clothing. Not to mention, they have shoes and accessories for the little ones. They have a selection of basics and fashion

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Harlem & Chanel for Kontrol Magazine

Being Harlem’s Mommy

Miss Harlem, is almost 2 yrs old. I still can’t believe I’m her mommy. Seems so unreal to me, one day you can be walking with a whole Human in you! And 36-41 weeks later, you’ve taken on a new title as Harlem’s MOMMY! Becoming a parent, doesn’t come with a manual. You’re literally figuring it

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Harlem for Kontrol Mompreneur

5 reasons Harlem and mommy love Coterie Diapers

Hey Mommy’s They’re are so many diaper options these days, the question is which one do you choose? As a new mommy, we want to make sure we’re choosing all the right products including diapers that won’t harm our little ones. You’ll find yourself going crazy, trying to make the best decision. “ I know

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