Pajama Party


Remember those days when you wore your pajamas to class in college because you were too lazy to get dressed. Well, that’s now considered a cool trend. Who knew that pajama fitting attire would ever catch on to but here it is and you need to embrace it. Pajama styled outfits are huge right now. Flared pants and loose button-down tops are cool enough for the end of summer but warm enough to bring into the Pre-Fall season. Stars like Ryan Gosling with relaxed styles are all in for the trend and don’t mind showing how good it can look. It has a natural way of blending in well with everyday styles so you can pretty much wear the trend anywhere you would like. It’s definitely playful, fun and effortless but still giving out that essence of chic that everyone tries to obtain. When they said that more is less, this is what they were talking about. Celebrity stylist, Brad Goreski has approved of this late summer/pre-fall trend and started wearing it as well.

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Now, we’re not telling you it’s okay to wear those pajamas that’re in the bottom of your drawer with Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello all over them. What we are saying is find those polo shirts that are made out of pajama material with a pajama fit and have some new kind of find with your style. The trend is perfect for a sunny day at the beach or catching up with friends over a weekend brunch. The best thing about the trend is that NO ONE CAN MESS IT UP!  Absolutely no one. It’s not a trend where you have to fearless or find your balls about it. You just have to pick it up and run with it. It’s that simple. Check out more about this trend on Brad Goreski’s app ‘Brad Goreski’ and as always, stay dapper gentlemen.


Eric Kelley

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