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Party with Prince Michael, the new cast member of Love & Hip Hop Miami

Party with Prince Michael, the new cast member of Love & Hip Hop Miami

Charismatic, charming, handsome, a model, actor, television host and businessman. I think he just won over our hearts ladies. Did I mention he’s a prince? Coming to a television near you, Prince Michael is the newest cast member of Love & Hip Hop Miami, which will premiere on January 1, 2018.

“It’s honestly been a dream come true. Ever since [I was]  a kid, [I would say] ‘I’ma be famous one day. I don’t know how I’m [going to] get there but I [will] be on tv’. To end up on Love & Hip Hop, one of the longest-running and biggest franchises on tv right now, it’s just so real I still can’t believe it.”


On LOVE and Hip Hop Miami: Prince is a nightlife personality and self-proclaimed “Prince of South Beach”.  

“I would remind people of Will Smith, so [my nickname] was organic. But it’s true I am [the Prince of South Beach]”. As a prominent staple in nightlife promotion and marketing group Varsity LG, he has created a network and name for himself as a top host and promoter for the hottest venues on South Beach where he provides VIP service to celebrities, athletes, and socialites. Some of his clients include Amber Rose, Diddy, Fabolous, Trey Songz, Jason Pierre-Paul, Serge Ibaka, Kyrie Irving, Floyd Mayweather and many more.

“[In] Miami, everyone is willing to do whatever it takes. [But] Miami does have a [party] stigma. People come here and they just wild out. I’ve traveled the world, I’ve been to Europe, South America and all over the United States. [But] there’s no place that compares to Miami in terms of partying.”


You might say the hosting scene was Prince Michael’s calling. Yet, he actually fell into it by chance.

“I went out with my boy one night and [we] literally stood outside the rope for two hours. The bouncer never lets us in. So, I thought [I’d] become a Promoter to get in for free. A couple months later, I went to the club for [a] friend’s birthday and there was like 10 girls and me. So when I walked up with them the promoter was kinda looking at me like ‘yo who is this guy’. [I thought they were trying to make me a promoter, but]  they were like ‘no no no we will make you a host’. So I did it for free for about 4 months because I was [not only] 23 but [I] was a late bloomer to the club scene in South Beach. Those couple of months flew by and then next thing you know I was on salary. Then six months later,  [it’s] my birthday. I [came] to the club with [about] 90 girls and [that’s how I got] nicknamed ‘Fresh Prince of South Beach.”


Although hosting parties in South Beach have led Prince to several opportunities such as music videos with Trina and Fabulous, networking with celebrities, modeling, casted twice for America’s Next Top Model, and now Love and Hip Hop. But his constant “party boy” lifestyle gets him in trouble with his longtime girlfriend, Liz Cifuentes. “My job entails certain things. Even as wrong as that might sound. But, that’s my job and that’s what I have to do to stay on top. I didn’t become the ‘Prince of South Beach’ by being average, mediocre or normal.”

“It’s a battle because I love and care for her. At the same time, I worry about how I’m going to provide for myself.” Prince Michael has been on his own since he was sixteen years old. His life growing up wasn’t the easiest. So, to find something he is not only good at but respected for; “At the end of the day if it was taken all away from me and I [have] to start over, I only have myself to rely on”.


But, the GAG is! The real tension comes from the friendship Liz has with rival DJ Michelle Pooch.

“I do not associate with that girl at all. And its comedy to me that they somehow managed to become not just friends but good friends throughout this filming process.” The drama started when DJ Michelle Pooch got in-between Liz and Prince Michael’s relationship. As well as undermining the accomplishments and success that Prince has in the industry.


Premiering on January 1 (New Year’s Day), Love and Hip Hop: Miami will explore the hip-hop, Latin, and reggaeton music scene in Miami. As well as the rich Latinx culture and will also feature Trina, as well as Trick Daddy, and Gunplay. Be sure to watch Love and Hip Hop Miami to see Prince Michael’s lifestyle in full form this season. Will Liz’s friendship with a rival promoter DJ Michelle Pooch be the nail in the coffin for their relationship?


“I just won’t be compared to anybody. My circumstances and hidden factors are completely different than anybody else. People haven’t walked a mile in my shoes or have been through the experiences I’ve been through. I found something that I’m good at, that took me [away] from [my] dark path. I really have a foothold in it and made a name for myself. I’m out here tryna better my life.”


“The line itself, Roielte is going to be iconic”. With his new business venture into the fashion industry, Roielte is a custom jean line that is tailored to your liking. “The jeans are called Roielte. Since I’m the Prince, [it only] made sense”. Creating high end detailed fashion pieces that reflect his own personal style, Prince is gearing himself up for greatness. “I’m tired of putting money in other people’s pockets and wearing everybody else. [I rather say] I’m wearing me”. Be sure to shop the Roielte collection as the bomber collection will release around the premiere of Love and Hip Hop Miami in January.

From a young age, Prince Michael knew he would be famous and end up in the entertainment business. His journey will expand past throwing parties, “No matter what. Everyone has an expiration date, I have an expiration date. I plan on being bigger than this promoter life”. The ultimate goal for Prince Michael is to become the next Will Smith, build his brand and showcase his skills to the world.


Party with Prince Michael:

Wednesday at Mokai Lounge | Thursday & Sundays at Ora Nightclub | 

Fridays at MR JONES

Instagram: @princehasspoken | Twitter: @PrinceHasSpoken | 

Website: http://princehasspoken.com


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