Passionate Chonvill & Khatib Ritter Cover Kontrol

By: Sebastien Gaudin

As the wave of diabetes and high blood pressure continues to skyrocket in America for both the youth and adults a sense of urgency as risen. The fact that this generation of children isn’t expected to surpass the life span of their parents sounds off an alarm throughout the country. Mainly in urban communities it’s become second nature to see fast food restaurants publicizing unhealthy eating. Almost every other corner sits a burger joint or a fried food special for a low cost. Truth is that most Americans cannot even name what they are consuming into their body. Communities have become more concerned with what’s filling their stomachs and pockets rather than how it affects their bodies.

Back in 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with Beyoncé to kick off The Let’s Move Campaign that encouraged healthy eating and movement amongst American children. The duo took the nation by storm as Beyoncé re-recorded her hit single, “Get Me Bodied” to “Move Your Body.” Most importantly these two have caused a ripple effect into minority communities shedding light on a matter that is essentially killing a demographic of people.


Historically speaking duos have always had a particular je ne sais quoi in achieving purpose driven success. In the past its also been said countless times, “Two heads are better than one.” There is no denying that statement when mentioning the self-proclaimed, “Beauty & Beast” of marketing and sales other known as Passionate Chonvill and Khatib Ritter. Both concerned for the well being of minorities can attest to a need for change. Currently, focused on a solution Chonvill and Ritter are breaking boundaries that have been placed for innumerable years. While providing awareness to a group of people who are usually shunned by mainstream America a transition is evident. Deriving form diverse business ventures the two have joined forces to spark a new and healthy change through healthy chocolate. From the first few moments of our sit down nothing, but humility and gratitude poured from this twosome. Although a romantic tale isn’t accompanied with this duo, their love for success and helping others remains as their driving force.


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